Sunday, March 17, 2013

GYO and our new farm!

Hey y'all, the last time you heard from us we were on our February Brigade in New Orleans. Don't worry though, now that we're back in NYC we're still working. Today was our first Growing Youth Organizers (GYO) meeting since our trip. The purpose of GYO is to create a safe space for us to meet and discuss our goals and projects. Basically, we are bringing back what we learned in New Orleans and applying it to our own community in New York.

Our latest project is our new GYO backyard farm being built at Danielle Gamady's house. This farm is the embodiment of youth empowerment, growth and learning. As we take on the responsibility of running our own small-scale farm, we are learning how to become self-sufficient leaders and creating a productive outlet from everyday distractions.

Thanks to the peeps, Sean and Jesse, at Home Depot for the lumber
starting to build beds for our soon to be growing plants 
gettin' work done with the hammer.
Are you excited? 'Cause Haley is!
We triumph the success of our first few days working on our farm!

Wish us luck!

-Alicia Russo

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