Monday, February 18, 2013

February Trip 2013- Day 2

February Trip 2013- Day 2
Workin' hard or hardly working? Guess!

Where else are a bunch of New York City teens learning about farming by getting our hands dirty? That's not all we've learnt today- thanks to Turner we can safely say we know about the plethora of injustices and the stagnant local economy pre and post Katrina- and how Our School at Blair Grocery is working for and within it. Excitedly tired- the oxymoron to describe most of us reflecting while showering the dirt off our shoulders ;)

Vasco bonding with ShiShi, our beloved goat.

American Gothic Meets Hercules

 View of Bayou Swamp- Used to be thriving with fish and people

 Classroom in Front of Previously-Cracked Levee

Classroom on the Steps in Front of Bayou Swamp
- Danielle Gamady 

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