Sunday, March 24, 2013

GYO Projects: March 19th-24th, 2013

This has been a very exciting week for NY2NO! We mainly focused on the planning and execution of our newly created Backyard Farm. On Tuesday, the Backyard Farm Resource Committee met and helped plan out this season's harvest.

Vera, Em, Danielle G, Sana, Pablo, and Greg researching plants that grow well together in the New York spring climate.

On Saturday, some GYO participants attended the 29th Annual Green Thumb GrowTogether Event. We attended workshops on pest management, trellising, permaculture, grant writing, and many other skills necessary to the success of our backyard farm!

 Danielle G. searching through the pile of free seeds for insect repelling flowers.

 Sana, Jenny, Danielle R., and Em showing off their free t-shirts, workshop materials, and sandwiches!

Em and Mila and their water bottle hydroponic systems! 

After the event, a bunch of us headed back to Brooklyn to work on the farm. 

Some of our seeds!  

NY2NOers placing the beds in the ground above the weed-block  

Jenny and Danielle R. posin' with the beds!

Lastly, Danielle R., Danielle G., and Em met with Steve Pampinella today in order to discuss GYO/99Rise's involvement with NY's Fair Elections. There will be a training to learn more on April 27th, 2013 and a direct action shortly after! Check out our blog for more information on NY2NO's current projects and future aspirations!

-Em Hirsch

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