Thursday, March 3, 2011

NY2NO February Trip 2011!

NY2NO just had its 2011 February Trip! Over the course of the week we worked with Will Allen and the rest of the Growing Power Crew, developed our analysis of issues that exist in New Orleans and New York, and worked on the farm. Throughout the series of workshops, readings, and activities that we did, we followed one essential question: How can/will we use food as a vehicle for youth empowerment, fostering a critical political analysis, and social change? 

        Morning introduction to a day of workshops, networking, and manuel labor with Growing Power!

Building a new hoop house with Growing Power.

                                                            Compost pile at OSBG!
Learning how we can utilize social media to effectively fundraise, gain support, and network with Mud
Crystal preparing the farmer's market during Growing Power's visit. 

Guiding Questions: Levee Tour Debrief 
1) How do the inequities that exist in New Orleans connect to each other? 
2) How do systems of oppression work together? 
3) What is a system and how do we define it? 
4) How do systems disempower us as young people? 

We ended the week discussing our goals for when we return to New York. How can we effectively stay involved in service-learning and organizing around urban food justice and youth empowerment in New York City? This Sunday, we are hosting Growing Youth Organizers to begin working on a number of outreach projects, fundraising efforts, and also refining our curriculum in preparation for Food Justice Summer Part II!

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